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Mao Shan Declaration

Cheng Bohan


Mao Shan Declaration of the 5th International Daoism Forum

In the midst of the autumn season of the Gui-Mao year, when the beautiful moon heralds the arrival of a new season, on this auspicious night when the sweet scent of osmanthus brings good omens, we have gathered under the favorable night sky, inhaling the aroma of laurel carried by a gentle breeze. Here, followers of the Daoist ancestors from all corners of the world converge on Mao Shan Mountain in China to discuss the profound mysteries of the Dao, creating an atmosphere of harmony. The clash of ideas and the convergence of viewpoints open up numerous splendid perspectives for us. Brilliant wisdom, like a blazing comet, soars into the boundless sky, and the majestic Dao envelops the world, illuminating all beneath the heavens.

Living in an era of unprecedented change and firmly adhering to the great aspiration for harmony among all peoples, representatives of the Daoist community from 39 countries and regions around the world jointly propose:

  1. To study and elucidate the fundamental doctrines of Daoism, contributing to the formation of Daoist culture. We will delve deeply into the classics of Daoism, emphasizing the inheritance of ancient scriptures alongside modern interpretations, actively promoting Daoist culture for the benefit of Daoists worldwide.

  2. To advocate for a simple, natural, and modest way of life, for simplicity and humility, for freedom from worldly attachments. We adhere to the traditional Daoist ideologies of "unity of Heaven and humanity" and "the Dao repeats itself in nature," promoting the holistic well-being and harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature.

  3. To nurture talents, educate individuals with high moral qualities, deep knowledge, and excellent skills. We will use modern technologies, including the internet, for intercultural exchanges, revealing the history of Daoism and spreading its harmonious message.

  4. Practicing compassion for all beings, nurturing a spirit of universal love, and assisting humanity, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation among global Daoist organizations, engage in charity and public welfare, dedicate ourselves to serving society and the welfare of all living beings, contributing to the harmonious development of human society.

  5. To respect the diversity of world civilizations and promote friendly exchanges and mutual learning among different countries, regions, civilizations, and religions. We reject conflict and confrontation, advocating for mutually beneficial cooperation. We will promote common human values and wholeheartedly strive to build a community with a shared future for all of humanity and to maintain peace worldwide.

Participants of the 5th International Daoism Forum

September 2023

Mao Shan Mountain


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