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The Daoist Association of Russia participated in the 2023 Jinhuashan Wong Tai Sin Cultural Festival

Cheng Bohan


On October 24, the 2023 Jinhuashan Wong Tai Sin黄大仙 Cultural Festival with the theme of "Advocating Virtue, Charity and Sharing" grandly opened. Experts, scholars and Wong Tai Sin culture enthusiasts from all over the world gathered together to jointly promote the inheritance and promotion of Wong Tai Sin culture and interpret the times. The Russian Taoist Association participated in the event. Jinhuashan, as the location of the ancestral home of Wong Tai Sin, deeply explores the cultural connotation of Wong Tai Sin, strengthens internal and external relations, and plays an active role in cultural exchanges with compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese. 

The spiritual core of Wong Tai Sin's culture of "generalizing aid and encouraging good deeds" conforms to the essential requirements of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, embodying people's pursuit and yearning for a better life. We hope to take this event as an opportunity to adhere to the strategy of "cultural education", continue the patriotic tradition, insist on advancing with the times, strengthen external exchanges, comprehensively build a sense of community for the Daoist Communities, and build a new platform to explore the value of Wong Tai Sin cultural era. Help create a cultural highland in the new era and jointly promote Wong Tai Sin culture to the world and into the future.

Permanent Chief Executive Officer of the Daoist Association of Russia, and President Lijia, took photos with Director Qian and Director Luo of Chisong Wong Tai Sin Palace.


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