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DAR participates in 2023 Macau Taoist Cultural Festival.

Cheng Bohan


The 2023 Macau Taoist Cultural Festival held on December 28th in Senado Square. The organizer, the Macau Taoist Association, stated that with the recognition and support of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the SAR government, the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the CPC, all Daoists in Macau, and Daoist colleagues in Macao and other places, the festival will be held every year The Taoist Cultural Festival can be successfully held with rich and diverse activities, including Taoist rituals, exhibitions of Taoist cultural materials, Taoist health martial arts performances, Taoist music appreciation, Taoist lectures, various "Dao De Ching" competitions for middle school students, etc., and use diverse activities to deepen the public understanding Understand Daoist culture and moral education. 

Daoist Association of Russia, Daoist groups from Japan, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland provinces and cities, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions come to Macao to attend the Macao Taoist Festival. The annual Macao Taoist Cultural Festival has become a regular event in the Taoist circles in the four places across the Taiwan Strait and overseas. The exchange platform has also become a Taoist brand activity at home and abroad. Make full use of Macao as an "exchange and cooperation base with Chinese culture as the mainstream and multi-cultural coexistence" to promote Taoism, an excellent traditional Chinese culture, in multiple dimensions.


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