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Daoist Association of Russia participated in the 5th International Taoist Forum

Cheng Bohan


The International Daoist Forum is an international academic conference hosted by the Taoist Association of China and the China Religious and Cultural Exchange Association, where people from Daoist circles, academia, cultural circles and other social circles from different countries and regions participate to discuss Daoist culture and exchange Daoist studies.  

Since 2006, the International Daoist Forum has been held for many times in Xi'an, Hong Kong, Hengshan, Hunan, Longhu Mountain, Jiangxi, and Wudang Mountain. Each forum has a different theme, and Daoist organizations from all over the world actively participate. It provides an important platform and opportunity for the inheritance and development of Daoist culture.

In September 2023, the Fifth International Daoist Forum opened in Maoshan, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, China. During this period, the World Daoist Federation was established. 52 Daoist organizations from 20 countries and regions around the world became founding members of the World Daoist Federation. The Daosit Association of Russia officially joined the World Daoist Federation, becoming a formal organization of world Daoism and an authoritative representative organization of the Russian Daoist community.


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