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Yuan Shi Prime 元始天尊

Cheng Bohan


Yuan Shi Prime(元始天尊Yuan Shi Tian Zun), also known as "Yu Qing Yuan Shi Tian Zun" ,is one one of the "Three Primes" (三清San Qing)the highest gods in Daoism .


His image is always holding a holy sphere, symbolize he was teaching all beings about《度人经》. Because too many beings coming to listen his preaching, the earth was broken, therefore Yuan Shi Prime take out the holy sphere(黍珠)and let every beings go inside, preaching his words while floating in the sky.


He holds a significant position among the "Three Primes." The holy day of birth associated with Yuan Shi Tian Zun is on the 10th day of the 11th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, it is also Winter Solstice Day(冬至日). In the《历代神仙通鉴》 "Chronicles of Immortals and Deities Throughout the Dynasties," he is referred to as the "Ancestor of Presiding over the Heavenly Realm." (主持天界之祖)


The name "Yuan Shi" signifies that he existed before chaos, before the existence of the great void, and at the beginning of the primordial energy. In the《太玄真一本际经》 it is explained that he is without superior, yet he alone can be the origin of all things, hence the name "Yuan Shi." He governs the extreme reverence of all things in the path of destiny and often resides in the realm of the other Primes.


The《历代神仙通鉴》 "Chronicles of Immortals and Deities Throughout the Dynasties" states that "Yuan"(元) means the origin, and "Shi"(始) means the beginning, the primordial energy. It is believed that Yuan Shi is the original source, surpassing all other immortals, hence the title "Tian Zun" (Heavenly Honored).


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