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Why we need to put exactly 3 incenses in that order?

Cheng Bohan


Let's talk about incense!

Why do we put exactly 3 pieces of incenses and in a order!

☯️We’ll sort you out now!☯️

Some people think that more incense means better. This is actually not the case. The three incense represents the three main gods, which are the foundation of Daoism. First, we light the incense (with clean hands),

1) make three small bows holding incense

2) place (with your left hand) the first incense which means god 玉清元始天尊 (Yuan Shi Tian Zun).

3) Place the second incense to the right of the first. It means god 上清灵宝天尊(Ling Bao Tian Zun)

4) We place the third one to the left of the 1st. It symbolizes the god 太清道德天尊(Dao De Tian Zun)He is known to many under another name Lao Tzu.


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