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What kind of material that usually made of Daoist Artifacts?

08/12/2023 Cheng Bohan

In Daoism, a wide variety of artifacts play essential roles in rituals, symbolism, and spiritual practices. These artifacts are crafted from different materials, each imbued with its own significance and energy. Let's explore the materials commonly used in Daoist artifacts:

1. Woods

Most of the artifacts are made from varires of woods, Peach Wood(Prunus persica), Brazilian rosewood((Dalbergia nigra), Jujube wood(Ziziphus jujuba), Chinese Box wood(Buxus sinica) and etc. Because in Chinese tradition, woods have energy from the nature. d to carry natural energy. Some notable woods used include:

Peach wood is one of the most common and affordable materials for Daoist artifacts. It is considered sacred and possesses protective qualities. The best Peach wood is found in Shandong Province, particularly in the Feicheng area. Daoist artisans prefer branches that grow in the southeast direction.

Jujube wood holds special significance when struck by lightning and still survives. This rare material is highly sought after due to its association with the power of thunder. To ensure its potency, Jujube wood must grow in a sacred Daoist land. The harvesting process involves rituals to express gratitude to the earth and preserve the wood's thunderous energy. After cutting the tree, it must not touch the ground to avoid energy loss. Instead, Daoists immediately cover the wood with red cloth, place it on an altar, and perform enchantments over days or months before crafting it into artifacts.

2. Metals

Metals like gold, jade, and bronze are used in Daoist artifacts for their symbolic value as well as their associations with wealth and nobility. These metals add a touch of opulence and prestige to the artifacts.

3. Other Materials

Daoist artifacts may incorporate various other materials, including precious stones, silk, and ceramics, depending on their intended purpose and symbolism.

In conclusion, Daoist artifacts draw their power and symbolism from the materials used in their construction. Whether crafted from Peach wood, Jujube wood, or metals like gold and jade, these materials contribute to the spiritual and cultural significance of Daoist practices.


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