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What is Daoism?

Daoism or Taoism,is only religion that born in China. It is a religion that takes Daoism philosophical school, I Ching(易经) ect. as philosophy base, takes traditional Chinese spiritual and sorcery as practice.

Daoism history can trace back to 2697 BC,when Huangdi(黄帝) ask about Dao to Guang Cheng Zi(广成子). But the most famous person and pioneer is Laozi(老子),actived in from 571 BC till 501BC. also recognized as the avatar of Daode Tianzun(道德天尊)or Taishanglaojun (太上老君).

At the very begging,Daoism was only practice by unorganized practitioners like Lao Zi, Lie Zi(列子), Zhuang Zi(庄子)and Different clans at that period of time are not quite popular through out China, such as Huanglao Dao(黄老道), Fangxian Dao(方仙道)and ect.

Only until 141AC, Daoism has its own religion communion founded by Sky Master Zhang Daoling was enlightened by Taishanglaojun,and called this first Order as ZhengYi Dao,or Zhengyi denomination(sect,正一道、正一派). As known as Tianshi Dao,translation is Sky-Master's Way.

As the first Religions Order Organization of Daoism,it contains sorcery of exorcism, alchemy.

All until 1113~1170,Quanzhen denomination was founded. And bring Daoism to a new level.

Without question,after Qing Dynasty who believe in Buddhism,and Chinese Communist Party's early stage activities bring huge damage to Daoism. But that does not break Daoism,even until today,Daoism is one of the most known religion in China.


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