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What are the Nine True and Wonderful Precepts

Cheng Bohan


Daoists adopt nine vows as guiding principles in their lives. These precepts are called: The Nine True and Wonderdful Precepts (九真妙戒). These precepts include:

1.Piety towards parents: Show respect and filial devotion to one's parents, recognizing their role in nurturing and guiding.

2. Loyalty to country: Demonstrate allegiance and dedication to one's nation, working towards its betterment and progress.

3. Abstain from killing for entertainment: Reject any form of violence or harm inflicted for mere amusement or pleasure.

4. Practice moderation: Avoid excesses and strive for balance in all aspects of life, cultivating self-control and restraint.

5. Refrain from stealing: Respect the property and possessions of others, abstaining from theft or dishonest practices.

6. Control anger and fury: Learn to manage and control anger, avoiding unnecessary outbursts and destructive behavior.

7. Uphold honesty: Value truthfulness and integrity, refraining from lies, deceit, and dishonesty in all interactions.

8. Overcome pride and prejudice: Recognize the importance of humility and open-mindedness, letting go of biases and preconceived notions.

9. Loyalty to one's chosen religion, Daoism. Remain dedicated and committed to the principles and teachings of one's chosen religious path. These vows serve as moral compasses, guiding students towards virtuous and ethical behavior, fostering personal growth and contributing to a harmonious society.

The Nine True and Wonderful Precepts not only for living person, but also can be taken by spirits and ghosts, so that they can also cultivate Daoism and get out from purgatory.


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