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Wang Xuanfu 王玄甫


Wang Xuanfu 王玄甫 was born in Donghai during the Han Dynasty. He had admired immortals since childhood. Later he was trained by Baiyun Shangzhen 白雲上真 and hid in the Yanxia Cave in the Kunlun Mountains, leading a hermit's life for the sake of practicing the Dao. Then he went to Zifu Holy Land.紫府洞天

 According to legend, after living in the world for several hundred years, Wang Xuanfu remained young and full of strength. Later he accepted Zhong Liquan 鐘離權 as his disciple and spread Taoism among the general population. Considered one of the Five Patriarchs of the North 北五祖, the Patriarch of the Quanzhenjiao of Daoism 全真教.

Transmission of the Teaching

According to the Records of the "Golden Lotus Teachings" 金蓮正宗記 Wang Xuanfu received transmission from Baiyun Shangzhen of many methods of Daoism, among which were: Secret Formula of the Great Elixir 大丹秘訣, Fire Periods of the Heavenly Circle 周天火候, Green Dragon Swordsmanship Art 青龍In the mountains Zhongnan, Wang Xuanfu, transmitted the Teachings to Zhongli Quan.Then the transmission of Daoism spread widely and is found to this day.


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