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Thunder God 九天应元雷声普化天尊

"九天应元雷声普化天尊,"(jiǔ tiān yīng yuán léi shēng pǔ huà tiān zūn ) is a God in Chinese folklore and Daoism, considered to be an incarnation of the Polaris Australis Emperor. As the supreme deity of the Thunder Department, he presides over a complex organization of thunder gods. The headquarters is known as the "Shenxiao Jade Palace神霄玉府," which comprises three provinces, nine departments, thirty-six inner courts, east and west platforms, Xuanguan Miao Pavilion, four mansions, six bureaus, and various other divisions.(下设三省九司、三十六内院中司、东西华台、玄馆妙阁、四府六院及诸各司,各分曹局)Nine Sky Thunder Generals, Eight Direction Cloud Thunder Generals, Five Barbarian Thunder Envoys, and the General Commanders of the Thunder Department all serve under 九天应元雷声普化天尊, following his commands. 九天应元雷声普化天尊 is responsible for matters of life and death, reward and punishment, controlling the weather, vanquishing demons, and commanding thunder and lightning. He upholds the principles of the Great Dao in heaven and helps the suffering souls in the netherworld. Daoist practitioners must worship to the Thunder God if they wish to perform thunder-related Daoist sorcery and ceremonies.

Worshipping him has many benefits, including but not limited to:

1.Achieving peace of mind and resolving difficulties.

2.Dispelling the calamities and granting your requests.

3.Securing your souls and stable your mental states.

4.Improving one's luck and warding off malevolent influences (clearing away all disasters from heaven, earth, water, the five directions, and the four seasons).

5.Healing and longevity.

6.Resolving black magics and curses.

7.Preventing disputes and arguments.

8.Warding off all earthbound malevolent influences.

9.Improving troubled marriages and enhancing romantic prospects.

10.Ensuring smooth childbirth and fulfilling good wishes for children.

11.Banishing demons and dispelling ominous dreams.

12.Countering curses and eliminating plagues.

13.Guiding departed souls to ascend to heaven and achieve rebirth.

14.Rain on the drought area and stopping flooding.

15.Dispelling the hardships, extending one's lifespan.

16.Dispelling disasters, forgiving sins, and clearing obstacles.

These are some of the many benefits associated with worshipping 九天应元雷声普化天尊 in Chinese folk religion and Daoism.


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