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Taiyi Jiuku Tianzun太乙救苦天尊

Cheng Bohan


Taiyi Jiuku Tianzun太乙救苦天尊,Taiyi Means the Big one, Jiu Ku means Save bitterness and pain.

He is the Qi of Yuan Shi Tianzun元始天尊, transformed from the essence of Nine Yang Jing energy九阳之精, emerging from the vital energy of Shi Qing始青. It is a great primordial deity, not a god or immortal that attained through postnatal Dao cultivation. His birthday is 11th Month 11th of Chinese lunar calendar.


In Daoism, Taiyi Jiuku Tianzun often shows himself during the ceremony of Chaodu超度,save souls from purgatory.


The Taiyi Jiuku Tianzu sits on a lotus throne of five colors, with two small lotuses beneath his feet. His left hand holds a bottle full of holy water that can safe suffering and pain, his right hand holds a willow leave, to sprinkle holy water of Jiuku救苦水. Below him are nine lions of five colors, collectively supporting his throne, spewing flames from their mouths, surrounding the Taiyi Jiuku Tianzu. Within the flames, there is a separate nine-colored divine light, encompassing his entire body and top, with rays of light sharp as a myriad of swords. Covered by a canopy, behind which is the great divine flower, illuminating the eight directions. Soldiers and Generals, Maidens and guards fill the roles of attendants.


The Taiyi Jiuku Tianzu has so many names in this world, he is addressed as follows:

In heaven, he is called the Tai Yi Fu Shen太一福神, on Earth, he is known as the Da Ci Ren Zhe大慈仁者, in hell, he is hailed as the Ri Yao Di Jun日曜帝君,  when he expel demons, he is recognized as the Shi Zi Ming Wang狮子明王, and in the Water realm, he is referred to as the Dong Yuan Di Jun洞渊帝君.


Furthermore, the Taiyi Jiuku Tianzu that if beings encounter illnesses and suffer from lingering pain, they can offer incense and recite sacred chants, reading through his scripture and his name. Doing so will alleviate their afflictions, bringing peace and tranquility.



For those seeking official positions, or facing deceitful individuals, by reciting the sacred chants and reading his scripture, envy will naturally not arise, and they will ascend to high ranks. Those traversing rivers and seas, facing turbulent waves and potential harm from sea creatures, can achieve safety by contemplating and reciting the sacred chants. When faced with thunderstorms and terrifying weather, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will bring clarity to the spirit, keeping the soul undisturbed.


For those experiencing familial discord among parents, teachers, and the relatives, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will lead to harmony, with parents showing kindness and children demonstrating filial piety. In times of political turmoil with rebellious subjects, unrest, and calamities, observing fasts and reciting the sacred chants will bring about favorable weather, revealing traitorous subjects, leading to national peace and security.


For those troubled by evil spirits and thieves causing harm, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will stop the demonic influences, and the thieves and spirits will be eradicated. When traveling through mountains and forests, facing potential harm from insects, snakes, birds, and beasts, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will make the creatures retreat, preventing harm.


For pregnant women facing difficult childbirth, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will provide divine protection, ensuring a painless and safe delivery, giving birth to intelligent sons and beautiful daughters. For individuals aspiring to Dao and seeking immortality, whether living at home or entering monastic life, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants, and reading this scripture will lead to successful cultivation, ascending to the heavens during daylight白日飞升.


For those frequently confined in prisons and suffering, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will lead to liberation and freedom from confinement. For deceased ancestors, fellow practitioners, and deceased family members, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will enable them to depart from the cold realms and be reborn in heavenly realms. For those entangled in grievances and conflicts, contemplating and reciting the sacred chants will bring resolution and peace.


From the scriptures, it can be seen that Jiuku Tianzun has the divine responsibility of alleviating suffering in the mortal realm, guiding souls in the afterlife, and bestowing blessings for a prosperous life.


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