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Lü Dongbin吕洞宾


Born as Lü Yan吕岩, he adopted the name Hui Daoren回道人, expressing his devotion to the Dao. Lü Dongbin吕洞宾, as he is widely known, came into the world during the Tang Dynasty with a childhood dream of attaining immortality. Indifferent to fame and wealth, he cherished a simple and quiet life. During his journey to the imperial examination to become an official, he encountered Zhong Liquan钟离权, who revealed to him his impending death, the futility of pursuing an official career, and the emptiness of worldly life.

Awakening to a deeper understanding, Lü Dongbin became a disciple of Zhong Liquan, adopting the name Chunyangzi纯阳子. Subsequently, he dedicated his entire life to the practice of Dao and the dissemination of its teachings. He is renowned as one of the Five Northern Patriarchs (北五祖) and one of the Eight Immortals (八仙).


Transmission of Teaching:

Zhong Liquan imparted the Heavenly Transmission of the Great Dao (大道天遞) and the methods for creating the Tiger and Dragon elixir to Lü Dongbin. Later, Lü Dongbin passed on this wisdom to Liu Haichan刘海蟾 and Wang Chongyang王重阳, who founded the Southern and Northern clans南宗和北宗 of Daoism, respectively.

The essence of Daoist teachings is elaborated in the treatise titled "Zhong Lü Chuan Dao Ji" authored by Zhong Liquan and Lü Dongbin. This text delves into the principles of yin-yang, the essence of alchemical practices, and the order of Daoist practices. The analysis of this treatise is covered in the course "Alchemy of the Famous Immortals Zhong Liquan and Lü Dongbin."



1. 指玄篇 (With Commentary of Bai Yuchan 白玉蟾)

2. 直指太丹歌

3. 敲爻歌

4. 百問篇

5. 谷神歌

6. 太乙金華宗旨

7. 靈寶篇

8. 钟吕传道集 (Zhong Lü Chuan Dao Ji)


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