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Jade Emperor玉皇大帝

Cheng Bohan


The full title of Jade Emperor should be: "太上开天执符御历含真体道金阙云宫九穹御历万道无为大道明殿昊天金阙至尊玉皇赦罪大天尊玄穹高上帝." He resides in the Tai Wei Yu Qing Gong太微玉清宫.

The Jade Emperor has had a significant influence in Chinese folklore, being regarded as the "Emperor" in the heavens and the highest ruler of the myriad worlds. His Status only after Three Supreme Primes of the Daoism.

Since ancient times, the Chinese have revered "Heaven," with systematic ceremonies dating back to the Shang Dynasty, continuing uninterrupted to this day. "Heaven" is also referred to as "God,"上帝  "Emperor,"帝  "Supreme Deity of the Vast Heaven,"天帝 "Imperial Heavenly Deity,"皇天上帝 etc. This belief gradually evolved into the worship of the "Jade Emperor"玉帝 in later generations.


According to the Daoist Scripture《高上玉皇本行集经》 , there was a kingdom called "Guang Yan Miao Le"光严妙乐国 ruled by King Jingde净德王 and Queen Baoyueguang宝月光王后. The king and queen were childless in their old age, so they beg Daoist priests to pray for them for six months. Later, the queen dreamed of the Supreme Prime and other immortals presenting them with a baby. Upon waking, she became pregnant. After a year of pregnancy, on the ninth day of the first month of the Bingwu year丙午年, at noon, the prince was born in the royal palace.

The prince was kind, intelligent, and enjoyed giving to others, earning the love of the entire nation. Shortly after inheriting the throne, the prince left the country to cultivate Dao, distribute medicine, and preach scriptures in the Pu Ming Xiang Yan Mountain普明香严山. After he suffered from three thousand and two hundred Jie劫(It means Disasters, in Daoism we believed that people need to get through disasters to gain better practise, similar to No Pain No Gain), he attained the state of Golden Immortality金仙, known as "清净自然觉王如来," and after more than 100 millions of Jie劫, he finally became the Jade Emperor.


The Jade Emperor is the highest deity second only to the Three Supreme Primes in Daoism. He resides in the Hao Tian Jin Que Mi Luo Gong(Another name for his Palace)昊天金阙弥罗天宫, with majestic appearance, supreme Body of Dao, ruling over the heavens, leading the myriad saints, and dominating the universe. He disseminates the Dao of Heaven, bestows the virtues of Heaven, creates all things, and helps sentient beings. He governs the Three Realms, rules over myriad spirits, and shows immeasurable compassion to humans, being the supreme deity of the heavens and the ruler of myriad heavens. The Jade Emperor manages all affairs of the Three Realms三界, the Ten Directions十方, the Four Life Forms四生, and the Five Paths五道, overseeing all aspects of blessings and misfortunes, yin and yang.


Every year on the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth lunar month腊月廿五, the Jade Emperor inspects the Three Realms, assessing the good and evil deeds of sentient beings, rewarding the virtuous and punishing the wicked.

The ninth day of the first lunar month正月初九 is the Jade Emperor's birthday, and various immortals must offer birthday wishes to him. In many regions, grand celebrations are held in temples or among the populace to mark this occasion.



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