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真武大帝ZhenWu Dadi, God of War

Cheng Li Jia


The third day of the third month according to the Chinese calendar will be the birthday of Zhen Wu Da Di.(真武大帝,玄天上帝) this is a big event for Taoists, ceremonies will be held in his honor throughout China (transcribed for you by Zhen Wu Da Di) Zhen Wu Da Di, also known as Xuan Wu Da Di or Xuan Tian Shang Di'—sometimes translated as Dark Emperor of the North. He is often depicted as a powerful and fearsome figure with the body of a turtle and the head of a snake. Zhen Wu is revered as the god of the north, ruler of the heavens, guardian of the mountains and protector of the people.

Zhen Wu is associated with the element of water and is believed to have the ability to control the forces of nature. He is often turned to for protection and guidance in times of need, as well as blessings of prosperity and good fortune. Throughout China one can find many temples and shrines dedicated to Zhen Wu, where believers come to pay their respects and ask for his divine intervention. In Chinese folklore, Zhen Wu is also known as the Dark Emperor, a title that reflects his role as a fierce and imposing deity of great power.

He is often depicted with a sword and a snake, symbols of his power and strength. Zhen Wu is said to have the ability to punish evildoers and bring justice to the world, making him a figure of great reverence and reverence. It is believed that those who worship Zhen Wu with devotion and sincerity will receive protection and blessings in their lives. Many people pray to him for courage, strength and wisdom in overcoming difficulties and obstacles. Zhen Wu is also considered a symbol of resilience and perseverance, inspiring his followers to face their fears and conquer their doubts.


🏮The story of a real warrior🏮

Born into a royal family, he left his kingdom and went to Mount Tai He, where he sought enlightenment. After 42 years of practice, he achieved immortality and ascended to heaven. So the Jade Emperor of Heaven nicknamed him “Tai Xuan” and appointed him the ruler of the Northern Realm. According to Chinese myths, the heavens were divided into 28 constellation houses, which were further grouped into 4 groups. The constellations in the North were known as "Xuan Wu", which means black snake and tortoise shell.

Therefore, Zhen Wu Da Di became known as Xuan Wu Da Di. Mount Tai He was subsequently renamed Mount Wudang in honor of this deity to show that it was under the control of Xuan Wu. In conclusion, Zhen Wu Da Di is a powerful and revered deity in Taoism, known for his ability to protect, guide and bless his worshipers. His role as the Dark Emperor emphasizes his authority and power, making him a figure of great importance. ▫️It is believed that those who seek his help and follow his teachings receive his favor and protection in their lives.

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