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Zhong Liquan钟离权


Zhong Liquan 钟离权 was born in Xianyang during the Han Dynasty. He was talented since childhood. Served as a general during the Han Dynasty. After defeat in one of the battles, he hid on Mount Zhongnan终南山, where he met Wang Xuanfu 王玄甫, from whom he received the transfer of the Great Dao of the golden elixir. Zhong Liquan then began to practice in the mountains near Jinzhou. After gaining Dao, he called himself “The Freest Man in the World.” Known as one of the Five Patriarchs of the North 北五祖, the Patriarch of the Quanzhenjiao School 全真教, one of the Eight Immortals 八仙.



Transmission of the Teaching

History says that Zhong Liquan received the transmission of Daoism from Wang Xuanfu and Huayang Zhenren 华阳真人. He then found a box in the Kuntong Mountains containing secret treatises hidden by Huangdi 黃帝. After this, he met with Lu Dongbin and passed on the Teaching to him. Together with him, they founded the Zhong Lu Jin Dan Pai School of Daoism, which had a strong influence on the development of Daoism during the Song and Yuan dynasties. Based on the conversations between Zhongli Quan and Lü Dongbin, the treatise Zhong Lü Chuan Dao Ji 钟吕传道集 was written, which sets out in detail the basics of Daoist alchemy - the levels and order of practice, the patterns of yin-yang, Heaven and Earth, and much more. Analysis of this treatise takes place on the course Alchemy of the famous immortal Xian - Zhong Liquan and Lü Dongbin





3.钟吕传道集 (Zhong Lü chuan Dao ji)


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