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Does a Daoist need to have a certificate?

Cheng Bohan


To be a Daoist studying Daoist philosophy, you do not need certification. However, if you want to be a part of the Daoist religion, you should be aware of the documents that authenticate your status.

  1. You officially become a Daoist after the initiation ceremony (皈依仪式). After the ceremony, you will receive a certificate of initiation into Daoism called 皈依证 (guī yī zhèng).

2. After 3 years of apprenticeship, a Master will conduct a consecration ceremony to make you a Daoist priest. If it is the Zhengyi lineage, the ceremony is called 传度 (chuán dù); if it is the Quanzhen lineage, the ceremony is called 冠巾 (guān jīn).

After the ceremony, you will receive a certificate of consecration into the priesthood. In Chinese, it is called 传度证 (chuán dù zhèng) or 冠巾证 (guān jīn zhèng). These certificates are necessary in our time to show people that you have been officially consecrated as a Daoist priest.

You will also have a document that certifies your identity in the Heavenly realms. This certificate will be in the format of Heavenly documents, which are called 传度牒 (chuán dù dié) or 冠巾状 (guān jīn zhuàng).

And after you receive this document, your soul will not be judged in the underworld (evil realm); your soul will be judged by three officials (of Daoist religion) because you are a Daoist recognized by all worlds.

3.If you want to be a full-time priest and legally preach Daoism in China, you need to have a certificate as a specialist in Daoist religion (道教教职人员证). This certificate is issued by the Religious Affairs Bureau of China.


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