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Maoshan Luotian Dajiao 罗天大醮2023

The grand multi-day ceremony "Maoshan Luotian Dajiao 罗天大醮2023" is being held this year from November 27 to December 5 at the thousand-year-old Qianyuan Temple in the blessed land of the Maoshan Mountains in Jiangsu Province.The temple was destroyed on October 6, 1938 by Japanese invaders from Tianwang City, who went to Maoshan to encircle and suppress the New 4th Army. The Chinese army was safely transported and they got angry and set fire to the Qianyuan Temple - 13 Daoist priests were killed at the foot of Baihu Mountain. They died for their country, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the restoration of the temple.

DAR (Daoist Association of Russia) took part in this ceremony and prayed for peace, good luck, well-being of all countries of the world with wishes of happiness, goodness, prosperity, prosperity to all countries, as well as sincere wishes for the development of Daoism in Russia.

During the participation of "Luotian Dajiao罗天大醮", all the priests and DAR President Li Jia performed morning, afternoon and evening Daoist ceremonies (one of the most complex) with the stars of Chinese Daoist music.


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